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Carol Prates

Carol Prates

A Brazilian girl living the dream in Australia

How To Answer Where Are You From?

‘Where are you from’? – they ask me.
‘I’m from here, mate!’ – I answer. ‘
No, you are not. Your accent.. you are not Australian..
‘Oh, well.. Where does ‘from’ mean to you?’ – and then I smile.
If you have already read about the person behind this blog, you’ll know the answer! 
One of the best things I’ve been experiencing since I’m living the overseas life is the amazing gift to meet people every day who have different backgrounds than me. Every single day I meet people from all over the world and I hear their different histories with their unique accents. This is why I love my project Share Your Story, where I ask travellers to share their journey and inspire people to travel more and live overseas. 

They come from everywhere and I love that!

But when people all over the world ask me this question I feel it is hard to answer:
Are you talking about my accent? Are you asking where I grew up, or where my ancestors are from? Where am I live? Where am I born? Be specific, please!
You can call ‘home’ a place you born but you also can call home the place you feel connected and you live right now. Right? This is the beauty about traveling.
I actually never know what should I really answer! I usually just follow my mood on the day but when I say ‘I’m Australian’, they usually follow up with: No, no.. seriously.. you are from somewhere else! Are you Colombian? Spanish? Italian? Irish? – and keep going.

You know you’re a world traveler when you’re not really sure where “home” is anymore but you’re completely okay with that.

How to answer to where are you from? The best answer is following your heart because you accept the idea that everywhere can be a home one day.

How to answer where are you from

If I ask you where are you from, what would you say? Leave your comment below! 

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Hi, I’m Carol, a Brazilian native, who left all behind to learn a new language, travel and live overseas. Living in Australia since 2013, now working remotely from the coolest cafes along my way, I’ve explored so many places and found beauty everywhere I go!