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Carol Prates

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The 5 Traveller Emotions You’ll Experience One Day

I opened my travel album today and I got a mix of traveller emotions which made me remind what I experienced being on the road such as love, exasperation, enjoyment, fear, loneliness or independence and so on. All these ups and downs are part of the game. These emotions you experience on every trip is what makes travelling a must to do!

Here are 5 traveller emotions you’ll find at some point in your travel experiences:


1.The traveller emotion to discover it yourself

You don’t want to hear other people tell stories about how great is Japan; how beautiful is the Torre Eiffel; how amazing is to go surf in Australia. You are tired to just hear it and never actually been to that place to have a deep conversation about it. You want to be there and make your own story.


2. The traveller emotion of countdown

You are booking your ticket to a very exciting new place, looking the dates to match with your day-life-work-need-to-ask-my-boss-first, comparing the prices If you decide to go in the morning or at night; you fill up your passport number, complete name and press the button ‘book it’. Done! Your heart is pumping up 100x more now. The anticipation can sometimes be even better and more excited than the trip itself.


3. The traveller emotion to deal with the unexpected

You urge to go and see everything as much as you can so you start to research for travel blogs experiences, eat your travel books, write everything in your notebook about where to go, where to eat, making a big plan. When you get there, things got different than planned and it’s still amazing!


4. The traveller emotion to appreciate

You visit a little city where everything around you is different from where you came from. The people. The way how they dress and walk. The roads. The smells. Nature. Their language. You stop walking and start to watch this other world happening in front of you. You feel grateful for your journey.


5. The traveller emotion of feeling lost in time

You are travelling by van to another country and it’s being long days along the road already. You are exploring a new place every day, going for bushwalks, incredible mountain views, lunch under the trees, picnic by the river, city walks, campings, cold showers by the beach, meeting new people all the time and appreciating the little things around you than you turn to your travel mate and ask: “Hey, do you know what day is it?”.

Have you ever feeling these 5 traveller emotions too? Leave your comment below.

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