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Whether you just need to add something exciting to your day by day, or you straight up can’t wait to go for a big adventure of your life – you’re in the right place!

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you love travelling, meeting new people, learning a new language and you just want to see the world.

but maybe you


No matter where you are in your journey right now,
you want to EXPERIENCE the world!

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality. You feel stuck.

I know how you fell because I’ve been there and this is why I’ve create The Overseas Life!


I’m so happy you’re here!
I'm Carol, a Brazilian living the dream in Australia.

After thoroughly enjoying working 7 years as a young professional in the field of Marketing and Events in Brazil, I realised it was time for me to experience life outside of my comfort zone and outside of my home country. I remember being in the office reading lots of travel bloggers sharing their experience around the world and I was always daydreaming with a possibility to create my overseas life!

In December 2013 I decided I wanted to leave everything behind and try something very exciting and new. I was scary but also excited to explore a whole different journey. I sold my car, quit my job and booked my ticket to Australia!

I had a plan. I’ve told myself I was going to learn English in the next four months and get a job in a marketing company (even If I didn’t know even how to ask where is the toilets in English yet).

I still remember that day when I came back from the school and started to send hundreds of e-mails to all events companies on the Gold Coast using Google Translator to help me out – I couldn’t speak one word in English but I had faith.

Well, I didn’t get a job in my career at that time. Instead, different doors opened for me and I never imagined I would work in the hospitality field running food, serving hundreds of people in a busy bar as a bartender, cleaning apartments (and toilets), being a host welcoming people with my broken English, trying to sell tickets to visit Byron Bay to tourists without saying more than 3 words “buy here please” or carrying a heavy tray full of beers all the way up as a waitress all night in a nightclub till 6 am when I had to go to class the next day.

Ask me If I regret? Never. A lot of people would come back to their old lives. The truth is, I always knew I was going to learn and speak fluently English one day. I always knew I was going to get the job I wanted. I always knew something would happen along the way to make me get closer to my dream. The overseas life I chose to live was just beginning.

For the past 5 years a lot of things happened in my way: I’ve created my brand The Overseas Life to inspire and empower people to travel and live their dream life; I’ve been travelling A LOT: I’ve done a track to the top of volcano in Indonesia, swam with turtles in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, enjoy the peaceful paradise point at Gili Trawangan, travelling all South New Zealand by van, backpacking in Japan, relaxing in a remote island in Fiji, visiting impressive places in Thailand, exploring the chaotic Vietnam and much more.

I’ve been living where everyone spends their holidays – in the heart of Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast, Australia. For the past 3 years, my office was overlooking the stunning Surfers Paradise Beach in a beach bar, meeting people from all over the world and working in Marketing.

Time flies by. Everything I always wanted right here in front of me. If you love travelling as much as I do and you have a plan to study, work and create your overseas life – you’re in the right place! Also, If you want to travel more and work from anywhere in the world, this blog is for you!

Send me a message to say hi and follow @theoverseaslife on Instagram.

Nice to see you here!



Hi, I’m Carol, a Brazilian native, who left all behind to learn a new language, travel and live overseas. Living in Australia since 2013, now working remotely from the coolest cafes along my way, I’ve explored so many places and found beauty everywhere I go!



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