Carol Prates

Carol Prates

A Brazilian girl living the dream in Australia


Paul from England shared his story living on the Gold Coast, Australia and working as an English teacher!

1. What’s your name?
Paul Collins

2. Where were you born? City and country

3. Which country and city are you living at the moment and how long have you been living there?
Gold Coast, Australia

4. What do you do for work at the moment?
Myself – English Transformation and IELTS Transformation

5. What made you want to go and live in another country? Tell me a little bit more about you at that time and what you used to do when you were living your life in your home town.

My health was terrible in England. I visited Australia in 1992 and decided then that I would move here as my health was dramatically better. Most of my time in England was spent dealing with the health problems. Not fun 🙂

6. What’re your first impressions when you moved to a new country? Did you find it similar or very different than in your home town?
I’d already been here. However, I did think it was very similar because there is a strong English influence in Australia. I did find it funny that the signage looks American. The other differences were the fantastic weather and the how the people seemed much more friendly in general.

7. How was your English language skills when you first arrived?
English is my first language

8. Why, when and how did you start studying English?
Really I started properly when I started learning to be a teacher.

9. Let’s talk about work experiences now. How did you find a job in the new country?
It took me months to get a job. I was down to my last few hundred dollars. So, I lied about my experience of working in restaurants and bars, so I could get a trial. Don’t be like me. Don’t lie 🙂

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living overseas for you?
Advantages are: Growth – You learn a lot about yourself and life when you move overseas. You meet lots of different people you can learn from and share different experiences with.

Disadvantages: Growth 🙂 If you ever go home, it’ll be strange because you have changed, but usually those who stayed in your home town/country won’t have changed. That can be difficult. Of course, for many who live in a foreign country, the language barrier can be an obvious problem as can being homesick.

11. What’s your plan: stay, keep travelling or go back to your home town and why?
I’m lucky because my parents moved here from England too, so that makes it a lot easier for me. Not everyone is so lucky. I’d love to live in Japan for a while, but equally, I’d love to travel around the World with my family teaching English as I go, not as a teacher in a school, but as me… way. I’ve had so many invites to go to Brazil, so that will probably be the one of the first stops.

12. What is your best advice for those who would love to do the same as you: start a new life, a new adventure in another country?
Do it. You’ll never be ready, but equally the time is always right! Do it and learn as you go. Remember that you can always get more money, but you can’t get more time. So go for it. You can always go home….then somewhere else…. then…. you get the idea.

@englishtransformation – My podcast is just starting now. If anyone would like to be a guest, let me know!


Are you living your life overseas? Share your story here. 

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Hi, I’m Carol, a Brazilian native, who left all behind to learn a new language, travel and live overseas. Living in Australia since 2013, now working remotely from the coolest cafes along my way, I’ve explored so many places and found beauty everywhere I go!