Paul from England shared his story living on the Gold Coast, Australia and working as an English teacher! 1. What’s your name? Paul Collins 2. Where were you born? City and country England 3. Which country and city are you living at the moment and how long have you been living there? Gold Coast, Australia 4. What do you do for work at the moment? Myself – English Transformation and IELTS Transformation 5. What made you want to go and live in another country? Tell me a little bit more about you at that time and what you used to

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Frency from Phillippines shared her story living on the Gold Coast, Australia! 1. What’s your name?Frency Delmindo 2. Where were you born? Phillippines 3. Which country and city are you living at the moment and how long have you been living there? Gold Coast, Australia 4. What do you do for work at the moment?Hotel Restaurant Food and Beverage Attendant at The Ruby Collection 5. What made you want to go and live in another country? Tell me a little bit more about you at that time and what you used to do when you were living your life in

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About The Overseas Life Blog


  I came to this side of the world to learn English for four months, I started travelling around the world and never stopped! Now, almost six years later… I created my dream life and The Overseas Life blog to help you to travel more and have an unforgettable experience living overseas! The Overseas Life blog was made to help you To inspire and empower you to go and see the world; To dream without limits. As Lupita Nyong’o said: No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid; To give the courage to follow your heart and create the

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The Overseas Life e a vida lá fora


A short (and cute) introduction to my Youtube Channel: the idea behind the overseas life project is show you how to create your life overseas and enjoy it the most! I’ve started on Youtube recently and I’m very new on it but loving the process! There are few unique tips to help you to have a better life outside of your comfort zone. When I’m not helping people to travel and live overseas, I’m spending time with my boyfriend exploring new places, going for a road trip and relaxing reading my favourite book on the beach or recording another Youtube

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The 5 Traveller Emotions You’ll Experience One Day

I opened my travel album today and I got a mix of traveller emotions which made me remind what I experienced being on the road such as love, exasperation, enjoyment, fear, loneliness or independence and so on. All these ups and downs are part of the game. These emotions you experience on every trip is what makes travelling a must to do! Here are 5 traveller emotions you’ll find at some point in your travel experiences: 1.The traveller emotion to discover it yourself You don’t want to hear other people tell stories about how great is Japan; how beautiful is

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6 Ways To Spend Less On The Road

6 Ways To Spend Less On The Road For many years I got inspired by travel blogs and their stories about people who left everything behind to go on a road trip for a week, a month or a year! I was fascinated with that lifestyle and freedom of being able to travel for as much as you like and stop whenever you feel like but everything has a price and you have to be smart to spend less while travelling on the road.  In February 2015 I did my first trip by van exploring South of New Zealand for

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How To Answer Where Are You From?

‘Where are you from’? – they ask me. ‘I’m from here, mate!’ – I answer. ‘No, you are not. Your accent.. you are not Australian.. ‘Oh, well.. Where does ‘from’ mean to you?’ – and then I smile. If you have already read about the person behind this blog, you’ll know the answer!  One of the best things I’ve been experiencing since I’m living the overseas life is the amazing gift to meet people every day who have different backgrounds than me. Every single day I meet people from all over the world and I hear their different histories with their unique

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Appreciate The Little Things By Travelling

Travel remind us to appreciate the little things and it always makes me grateful for what I have and what happened to me. I believe that travel around the world is the best education you can get in life. Seriously, If I could go back in time I would swap a few of my school classes for a road trip that time! I would have learned so much more! In saying that, we forget to appreciate all the little things we have if we are living a home-work-home routine every day. After being a while on the road and far

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How To Hitchhike: 10 Tips To Get You On The Road

If I knew how to hitchhike before, my experience in South New Zealand would be so much easier. Here’s my 10 tips to get you on the road.   It was 8 am in the morning, summer time in New Zealand and I wanted get a ride to go to a place called Takaka. I watched a few movies before of people doing it so I thought it would be super easy. However, I didn’t know there are few things we all should be doing If we are going to hitchhike.  I was carrying a small black bag in the middle

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A traveller girl in front of the Uluru at the Australian Outback

10 Reasons to Explore the Australian Outback

I was so lucky to have a chance to explore the Australian Outback and experience the sacred place for the aboriginal people. Uluru is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site! I have a lot to tell you about my adventures during four full days in the area but today I am bringing 10 reasons why you should include it to your bucket list! 1. MEET ONE OF THE UNIQUE PLACES IN THE WORLD Uluru is the Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock, the giant stone with 318 high meters and nearly 10 km in circumference right in the middle of the desert!  Btw, who put

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