Appreciate The Little Things
Carol Prates

Carol Prates

A Brazilian girl living the dream in Australia

Appreciate The Little Things By Travelling

Travel remind us to appreciate the little things and it always makes me grateful for what I have and what happened to me.

I believe that travel around the world is the best education you can get in life.

Seriously, If I could go back in time I would swap a few of my school classes for a road trip that time! I would have learned so much more! In saying that, we forget to appreciate all the little things we have if we are living a home-work-home routine every day.

After being a while on the road and far away from my comfort zone, I’ve learned to appreciate all the little things from our daily lives. Per example, I never appreciated when I was living back home in Brazil with my parents and had all the dishes cleaned after every single meal or how I could get a pair of socks dirty every single day and have it cleaned for me in the next day.

Now, living by myself and five years later, I appreciate what mom did for me for twenty-five years! Guys, that’s a long time washing my clothes!

I just came back from Hanoi, Vietnam. They probably have the worst traffic in the world, with heaps of accidents every minute and there is no pathway for pedestrians! I used to complain every single day about the traffic in Brazil but Brazilians are amazing drivers If compared to what I experienced in Asia.

Crazy Traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam

These little things were always there but If you never take yourself for a travel experience you may just see the same things as ‘normal daily things’ because of the scenario you live.

Also think twice until you waste your food because you lived the experience of staying in a village seeing people trashed the rubbish to have something to eat; don’t judge what people are wearing or even don’t care what people think about what you wear because you have seen people all around the world on their own styles and differences (and you love it).

When you are travelling you see people in all different scenarios.

You taste, you hear, you teach, you smell what the world is!

When you are back home, you are going to do the same things again but you are not the same person anymore! Your mind is expanded now with all you had lived and you learn to see the little things in your life from the outside and be more aware of what is going on around you. It’s a way of view that you probably never would have If you had not gotten away from it all!

There are millions of examples of how I have changed my way of view after travelling and I can guarantee you will be so much happier when you come back home and see another version of you!

What are the good things about travelling? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hi, I’m Carol, a Brazilian native, who left all behind to learn a new language, travel and live overseas. Living in Australia since 2013, now working remotely from the coolest cafes along my way, I’ve explored so many places and found beauty everywhere I go!