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Carol Prates

Carol Prates

A Brazilian girl living the dream in Australia


I came to this side of the world to learn English for four months, I started travelling around the world and never stopped! Now, almost six years later… I created my dream life and The Overseas Life blog to help you to travel more and have an unforgettable experience living overseas!  

The Overseas Life blog was made to help you

Why The Overseas Life

About The Overseas Life Blog

I wanted to find a name that would have a meaning to all the experiences I’ve been thru since I left Brazil in 2013. I’m only living the overseas life I always dream about because I worked extremely hard to make it happen. When I came to live on the Gold Coast I set a goal that I was going to speak fluently English and live permanently in Australia. From that day one, all my choices were focusing to achieve those goals.

Five years later, I not only (finally) learned English but I got my permanent residency and quit my full-time job as a Marketing Manager to follow my passion: travelling the world, be my own boss and helping others to have an unforgettable experience living overseas.

The words The Overseas Life couldn’t describe my journey better.

Storytelling is passion

About the Overseas Life Blog

I believe in the power of storytelling. Since when I was little, I used to have a journal for every year to write my feelings, passions and experiences (I have heaps of old journals under my bed in Brazil).

When I came to Australia in 2013 I wanted to tell all my friends and family how great was the experience of leaving everything behind and trying something exciting and new! The Overseas Life is where I share all my adventures, tips about how to travel more and live overseas, how to plan a trip, how to build your online business and work from anywhere and so much more. 

It’s all about the story of someone who believed in a dream and was willing to make the impossible happen. 

Everything is possible

About the blog

Find tips on taking the trip you’ve always desired, learn how to plan your trip overseas, live your dream life in Australia or follow your intuition to build something with purpose and take the step you need to become your boss – wherever your dreams are, I’m here to help you.

Welcome to The Overseas Life!

With love,

carol prates

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Hi, I’m Carol, a Brazilian native, who left all behind to learn a new language, travel and live overseas. Living in Australia since 2013, now working remotely from the coolest cafes along my way, I’ve explored so many places and found beauty everywhere I go!