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frequently asked questions

I was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil but I live in Australia (for now).

I’m always studying and willing to learn something exciting and new! I started my career with 18 years old as an events coordinator. I studied Advertising and Propaganda at the university in Brazil and worked with Promotional Marketing until I move to Australia. You can read about me here. I worked in the Tourism Industry on the Gold Coast and kept studying the Marketing field and also business and tourism.  Now I’ve been doing courses related to Digital Marketing. I love to learn new things!

The short story is that I wanted to travel, learn English and have experience working outside of Brazil.

I was between two amazing places: California – after my first trip overseas in 2011 – and Australia.

I’m that type of traveller who does not usually return to the same place (because I want to visit all the places in the world) so I chose to go for an adventure on the Gold Coast, Australia and here I am still! 

I was looking to find a name that represents everything I’ve been living in Australia. I wrote more than 50 names on paper!

I was looking for an English expression that would identify life outside of comfort zone and I love the words The Overseas Life!

Nothing. Zero.

I went through all the embarrassing and funny situations possible at first, but I never gave up! I wanted to speak English so I studied a lot at home after school, every single day.

When I arrived in Australia, I shared an apartment with an Australian girl who helped me a lot in the beginning by practising basic words every day.

So I know very well what it is like to arrive in a country where you can not communicate, but I am proof that it is possible to learn English and have the work of your dreams If you want to!

Family first. Friends second and food third! haha 

No. I teach you how to travel more and how to prepare to move abroad, going through all the planning that must be done before your trip and helping you to adapt to the new country.

If you want tips about the Australian Outback or how to hitchhike in New Zealand, look for my destinations tips and itineraries.

I do! I like to write down the most important things that happened during my trips such as cool places I’ve visited, or restaurants that worth a review to share everything with you later! 

Sure, you can! I offer consulting in coaching for travellers and I can help you to plan your trip overseas. It’s not free but If you would like to know how it works and schedule a call with me, enquire here!

Absolutely. I’m sure we can find a deal that makes us both happy. Contact me!